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AVAILABILITY: Limited - Please call our office before ordering (03) 9331 5632

Delivery Charges Melbourne Metro Only:
- 19m2 or less is $220.00
- 20m2 or more is $150.00 per delivery

Call (03) 9331 5632 to enquire.

A drought tolerant grass that is green all year

TifTuf Bermuda the latest and greatest Lawn Solutions Australia ("LSA") product - resulting from almost 25 years of research.

It is very quickly becoming the most popular turf due to these qualities:

  1. Self-repairing
  2. Superior drought tolerance requiring 38% less water than other varieties and does not go dormant like other grasses
  3. High traffic tolerance best resistance to traffic and fast recovery from wear and tear or drought
  4. Winter colour - bright green all year around with fantastic Winter colour and Spring green-up qualities

Whilst having a fine leaf blade, it also has a dense growth making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

It is currently being used high wear sports fields and backyards with great success.

If you want a great look all year around with low maintenance, then this is the right grass for you.

The Quick Facts:

Root System Deep roots requiring less water
Drought Tolerant Yes
Colour Bright green
Sun ‘vs’ Shade Requires approx 6 hours of sunlight
Leaf type Fine soft leaf couch
Self-Repairing Yes
Cool or Warm Season Handles Winter months better than other couch types

Important Information:

  • AVAILABILITY: Limited Please call our office before ordering (03) 9331 5632
  • Same day orders: Unavailable
  • Delivery Dates: Orders are subject to turf and truck availability
  • Delivery Times: Will be sent via SMS after 3pm the business day before delivery
  • Please note: Turf is delivered to nature strip - driver does not knock
  • Less than 20m2: Incurs a higher delivery charge, please call for pricing

*NB: Yard Pick-Up is NOT available**

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