Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter Buffalo

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Sir Walter Buffalo is a creeping grass that moves over the surface making it easy to edge. It’s not as invasive as other varieties of grass such as Kikuyu or Couch. Sir Walter loves both the sun and is shade tolerant, it may lose some colour in the winter, though this will improve with age. Installation is recommended from September through to May. Once Sir Walter is established it requires much less water than other varieties of turf. A good water once a week is generally enough, however in extreme conditions it may need extra. During the winter months Sir Walter rarely needs irrigation.

As with all lawns you must wait until the lawn is fully established before mowing. Sir Walter needs to be top dressed with washed sand at a rate of half a cubic meter to every 100 square meters. Focus mainly on the joins and edges to stop it drying out. For the healthiest lawn fertilise at the start of each season.

The Quick Facts:

Root System Above ground runners, not very deep rooting
Runners Above ground runners, easy to edge
Drought Tolerant Yes, very
Colour A lighter shade of green, almost lime
Sun ‘vs’ Shade Great in both, needs a few hours of sun minimum
Leaf type Keep around 40mm long, 8-10mm wide blade
Self-Repairing Yes
Cool or Warm Season Warm season

Important Information:

  • AVAILABILITY: Limited Please call our office before ordering (03) 9331 5632
  • Same day orders: Unavailable
  • Delivery Dates: Orders are subject to turf and truck availability
  • Delivery Times: Will be sent via SMS after 3pm the business day before delivery
  • Please note: Turf is delivered to nature strip - driver does not knock
  • Less than 20m2: Incurs a higher delivery charge, please call for pricing

*NB: Yard Pick-Up is NOT available**

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