Instant Turf & Grass Information

Instant Turf - LSA Warranty Conditions

Lawn Solutions Australia provides a 10 year warranty for instant turf from the date of installation. It is important to follow the laying and care instructions provided with your turf delivery. Due to the perishable nature of turf, it must be installed immediately upon delivery. If any issues arise, you must notify us in writing within 8 hours of delivery. Complete Product Warranty Certificate is available via email upon request to

Please ensure that you make yourself familiar with the warranty conditions prior to placing your instant turf order.


Our Turf Loam is the best product for underneath instant turf and top dressing lawns. To get the best results and optimum growth, the soil we suggest you use is our Turf Loam (a classic sandy loam soil). Preparing your area is essential to make sure that your grass roots penetrate deeply and evenly. This will then result in your lawn being more drought tolerant and water efficient.


Please make sure to check your measurements for the area so that you do not come up short. Measuring your area is simple to calculate. Multiply length x width to get your total area in m2. If you would like any assistance with this, please give us a call.

You will need to level off your soil 25mm from the top of paths for Sir Walter Buffalo or Kikuyu, 15-20mm for Couch grasses and 10mm for other types of instant turf.

Planning Ahead

How much sun or shade does the area get?
What type of soil do you have. Has it been compacted? A sandy loam is best as a base.
What is your water supply – tank, rain, town water?
What sort of foot traffic will your lawn get - kids, pets, entertaining?
What look are you after – messy or manicured?
How much maintenance do you want to do – edging, mowing, watering?
How much are you prepared to spend? Do it right the first time to save on costly fixes later.


Remember to apply a lawn starter to your soil prior to laying your turf to give it that little kick start. If you order over 25m2, you will receive FREE Lawn Starter. When installing turf, it is best to lay it in a brick-work pattern. Push individual strips together firmly – do not stretch or overlap. To cut around plants and paths use a sharp knife or secateurs. Some varieties of turf like our Sir Walter Buffalo require washed sand to be put on the joins and edges to prevent drying out.


Unless there are special supplier's instructions the forklift driver will leave the turf on the naturestrip and will not knock on the door.

Please note that there is a delivery charge for all deliveries to the Melbourne metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs as the turf needs to be freighted in from the country. Deliveries outside of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs are only available Monday to Friday, please call or email us for the delivery charge to your area.

Small Amounts

Replacing small sections of instant turf during the Summer months is a great option. If you need to order less than 20m2, that is ok, but there will be an additional delivery charge.

Couch Varieties

Couch grass can produce a high number of seed heads, however if well fertilised, this production can be reduced. Even though there are many seed heads, they do not produce pollen, making this a perfect grass for asthmatics. As with all drought-tolerant varieties of instant turf, Couch grass may go dormant and lose colour during winter. Colourguard is a perfect solution to have a green lawn all year around.

Once a year (when the weather warms up) it is a good idea to de-thatch Couch grasses. This means that each time you mow (over the course of 3 cuttings) you lower the blade a little each time. This will give your grass a chance to re-generate and have fresh new growth by removing the prickly dead pieces of grass that have accumulated during the winter months.


Once your lawn is established, you will need to give your lawn a good soaking once you have just laid it, making sure the water gets right down to the soil. Keep the lawn wet for the first two weeks, watering daily or more if required. Don’t let your turf dry out. Keep watering often until the roots are firmly rooted into the ground, you can check this by lifting a small corner and checking if the roots are imbedded yet, if you can’t lift the strip don’t worry, this means the roots are digging in and your lawn is becoming established. This can take up to four weeks to occur.

Once established, the grass should be allowed to partly dry out between waterings. This lets in air to the root system and stimulates deeper root formation.

You will only need to water when you lawn needs it. This will depend on the weather and the type of lawn and soil you have.

It is best to water your instant lawn in the cool of morning. Make sure you give it a good soak less often to encourage strong root growth system.

Winter watering is generally not necessary unless it is an unusually dry season.


For the best results, mow your lawn regularly at the following heights:

Sir Walter and Kikuyu at 20-40mm
Couch grasses at 15-30mm

In shady areas, it is best to mow to the highest recommended height.

*Warning: Low mowing will damage your lawn


Fertilise every season to ensure a healthy lawn.

We suggest that you do not use weed and feed products, as this type of product attempts to do 2 things at the same time, somewhat unsuccessfully, weeds need to be addressed differently to fertilising. Fertilising should be done in a granular form which is slow release as it will last longer

Sir Walter Buffalo, Couch grasses and Kikuyu should be fertilised through the Spring, Summer and Autumn months (to end of March).

Spread fertiliser evenly and water well.

*Nitrogen Warning– only apply fertiliser when ground is moist, if the soil is dry, the fertiliser will burn your grass.