Exceed Hose-on Liquid Fertiliser

Exceed Hose-on Liquid Fertiliser

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Premium, professional-grade foliar fertiliser designed to bring out the best in any lawn.

The carefully balanced NPK ratio will provide health and colour to your lawn during the growing period (can be used year-round).

Additions of micronutrients provide the finishing touches to your lawn which will be the envy of your street.

10-1-4.5 + Fe & Mn
Additional micronutrients including Iron and Manganese are also important inclusions.

This handy hose-on product covers up to 150m2. Just attach your hose to the bottle and spray directly on to your lawn. Perfect for new and established lawns at any time of year.

Key Strengths:

Suitable for use on all lawn varieties.
Provides an almost instant boost to the health of your lawn.
Soluble Phosphorus to increase plant strength and lateral growth.
Potassium to harden leaf cell wall and foster harder wearing turf Iron and Manganese to enhance a darker green colour.
This product is safe to use around domestic animals.

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