RTF – Tall Fescue

$14.90 - $17.00 / m2
0-19m2 20-39m2 40m2 +
$17.00 $16.10 $14.90

Delivery Charges Melbourne Metro Only : 19m2 or less is $185.00 / 20m2 or more is $140.00 per delivery

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This is a self-repairing fescue, a favourite because of its lush green appearance all year around. A major benefit is you can install this turf at any time during the year. Common blade type of grass – no runners to invade. Spreads by seed. Is self-repairing due to small underground rhizomes. This turf requires regular watering than other drought tolerant varieties.

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The Quick Facts:

  • Root system: Underground stem or runner extends outwards to cover bare spots, many individual plants
  • Runners: No above ground runners
  • Colour: Deep Green
  • Sun ‘v’ Shade: Full Sun & Shade
  • Leaf type: Medium and Fine Blades like to be kept longer than most grasses
  • Cool Season: Yes, better Winter growth & colour than other fescues
  • Needs to be watered a lot in Summer

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