Nullarbor Couch

$9.90 - $11.50 / m2
0-19m2 20-39m2 40m2 +
$11.50 $10.25 $9.90

Delivery Charges Melbourne Metro Only : 19m2 or less is $185.00 / 20m2 or more is $140.00 per delivery

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Hybrid fine leaf drought tolerant couch once established. Best grown in full sun and is suitable for high traffic areas as it is very hard wearing. This variety of couch grass looks best when mown short, forming a soft dense carpet like appearance. A favourite on golf courses.

The Quick Facts:

  • Root System:  Deep rooting
  • Runners:  Aggressive runners, will get under paths and in garden beds
  • Drought Tolerant:  Yes
  • Colour:   Jade
  • Sun ‘v’ Shade:  Full Sun
  • Leaf type:  Very Fine Blade
  • Self-Repairing:  Yes
  • Cool or Warm Season:  Warm Season
Nullarbor Couch Watering Mowing Fertiliser
Summer Light water once a week.  If a really hot spell each morning. Perhaps bi-weekly in summer.  Keep to around 10-20mm always. Fertilise at the start of summer to keep green and healthy.
Autumn If established watering will be minimal.  Once every few weeks. Once a month unless the heat keeps going. A good dose of a high nitrogen fertiliser.
Winter No watering required, assuming there is some rain about. Couch will be dormant during this time, no mowing will be required. Couch will be dormant to no fertilising will be required.
Spring Once established couch isn’t going to need to much water till closer to Summer Mowing will be required every two to three weeks. Give a good feed coming out of Winter to get going again.

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